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Business Areas and Expertise

The AVERYS Group is expert in its fields and specialities that contribute to making it one of the World leaders in its industry.
The Group’s companies are experts in advising, designing, building and maintaining turnkey storage facilities.

1. Industrial Fields

2. Skills

Roll forming
• Welding and metalworking
• Painting
• Sheet metalworking

• Testing
• Software applications
• Calculations
• Design
• Purchasing
• Assembly

1. The industrial fields are essentially as follows:

• Roll forming

• Welding and metalworking
• Painting (using the most modern spraying techniques) • Sheet metalworking (bending, punching, etc.)

The main raw materials are basically steel (plain, descaled, cold-rolled or galvanised), as well as various tubes and shaped sections, etc.

2. In addition to these industrial fields, AVERYS also has expertise in the specialities needed to master its techniques and properly perform its services:

Testing techniques (AVERYS has its own laboratory, certified by NORISKO CONSTRUCTION) for defining and optimising products.

Development of high-performance quotation software used by our entire sales force.

Calculation techniques (material resistance, structures) using specialised software applications that are recognised by the profession.

Design of facilities and planning the setting-up thanks to expert engineering and design departments.

Purchasing of all complementary materials for our products (wood panels and boards, slats and racks, live rolls, various accessories, etc.).

Assembly, using teams of professionals who are familiarised with our materials.